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Reynolds Security is a Security company in dallas that offers security officers and armed guards

a Dallas Security Company

Welcome to Reynolds Security, a trusted Dallas security company with a Big Texas reputation. Our small, family-owned business offers the expertise navigating the bustling landscape of a major city. With over 18 years of experience, we combine the warmth of a family business with professional security services in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Professionalism is our hallmark at Reynolds Security. For nearly 2 decades, The Reynolds Family, a trusted Dallas security company, has provided reliable security services throughout Texas. We look forward to earning your trust soon too.



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Our team employs experienced security guards, composed of professionals skilled in maintaining a secure environment.

Additionally, our security guards in Dallas ensure ongoing communication with management and you, the customer, to keep you informed about the latest security concerns and threats at your location. This seamless communication ensures prompt addressing of any emerging issues. Each of our Dallas security guards holds a valid license from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Reynolds Security is a Dallas Security company that has Armed Security guards in Dallas

Reynolds Security’s Armed Guards hold a Level 3 Texas Security license with the TXDPS. Call us now to learn more about getting an Armed Security Guard in Dallas.

Reynolds Security serves Dallas high-rises and front lobbies with well-dressed and friendly doormen, concierge, and door security. As a result, your lobby gains a beautiful cherry of professionalism, creating an air of safety akin to the proven security company in Dallas.

Executive protection in Dallas

An interesting fact is that The Reynolds Family is originally known for VIP Security and Executive Protection. Our family firm is not only a favorite Dallas security company but also one of the top teams of bodyguards in Texas. For nearly 20 years, we have provided close protection to dignitaries, VIPs, and celebrities. Each Executive Protection agent on this security team has experience and holds a Level 4 Bodyguard Texas Security license.

At Reynolds Security, we pride ourselves on being a smaller family-owned Dallas security company but with a nationwide reputation. We believe that family atmosphere enhances our security services, which makes us standout as a Dallas security guard service.

With a name that carries weight in the community, The Reynolds Family is one Dallas security company who will strive to keep their name synonymous with quality. 

Our stellar 4.6 rating on Google and numerous positive referrals are known, and our reputation as a reliable Dallas security company speaks for itself. So if you’re shopping for dependable security services in Dallas, Contact Us and feel that small-family charm of protection.

Small Company Charm

The Reynolds Family takes pride in keeping it casual like the good old days of Mom & Pop’s corner store. Accessibility is a key pillar of our service. The Reynolds Family, proud Dallas residents themselves, are readily available via cellphone for their clients 24 hours a day. Whether you require armed guards, executive protection, or Dallas security guards, the whole Reynolds family will be available by text, call or email at any time. This is our service commitment to be trusted as your Dallas security company.

Places Where Security is Essential in Dallas

office building in dallas

When it comes to maintaining safety and security, various types of properties often require the services of a security company in Dallas. Below is a list of the most common places where a Dallas security guard will be seen:

  • Retail Stores: These guards deter shoplifting, and ensure the safety of employees and customers.

  • Banks and Financial Institutions: Banks are prime targets for theft. Consequently, armed security guards are essential for protecting these assets.

  • Office Buildings: Security can greet guests, control access, and monitor security cameras. In this way, a Dallas security guard can ensure these buildings remain secure.

  • Hospitals and Medical Centers: As we’ve all seen, waiting rooms can be a volatile and impatient scene. In hospitals, security guards maintain a safe environment for patients and staff.

  • Schools and Universities: With the rise of campus violence, security guards can monitor the safety of students and staff. 

  • Apartments and Gated Communities: These residential areas often hire security guards to patrol premises, 

  • Construction Sites: Security guards can deter theft of equipment.

  • Government Buildings: Security guards monitor access points and respond to security threats.

  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers:  Security guards monitor access and protect the inventory.

Partnering with a reputable Dallas security company, such as The Reynolds Family, can provide these essential security services. We have experience at all of these property types and happy clients protected by our Dallas security guards.

Don't Be a Victim!

deter crime with security in dallas

Don't Neglect Our Security Services in Dallas

While experiencing rapid growth in our population, so has our concerns for safety and security in Dallas and neighboring towns. 

Theft and Vandalism: Without security, your business is more vulnerable to theft and vandalism, which can lead to significant financial losses.

Increased Insurance Premiums: Increased Insurance Premiums: Insurance companies may often increase premiums for businesses that do not have security on the property.

Legal Liabilities: In the event of a crime or an accident on your premises, you could face lawsuits and legal liabilities. 

Loss of Tenants: Frequent security breaches can anger tenants and it doesn’t take long for word to spread. Engaging a security guard in Dallas areas of higher crime can rebuild trust with you and your tenants.

Operational Disruptions: Security incidents can disrupt business operations, causing downtime and lost productivity.

Contact Us Now for Security in Dallas

For dependable security services in Dallas, contact Reynolds Security today. Instead of being meaningless revenue, come experience friendly “Mom and Pop” service. Call, text, or email and discover why we are considered a favorite when locals need a trusted Dallas security Company.


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